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Newsletter Issues

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Read time : 4 Mins

EP 14 : 7 Awesome Features of C# (10)

Lambda expressions are used to create anonymous functions , I love to use them for simple getter/setters e.g. GetFullName , Get Address etc. But lambdas have limitations with var types which were entertained in C# 10.

Read time : 3 Mins

EP 13 : Introduction to Bogus - A Fake Data Generation Library

While working with our applications we need to generate fake data for different purposes. For testing purpose (especially unit testing),for demonstration of data maybe for charts/graphs Dumping the data in databases

Read time : 3 Mins

EP 12 : How to implement global exception handling in .NET Core

We often come up with exceptions in our application and we have two ways in general to handle those exception.Handle at controller/service level everywhere in application Handle from one place and control the application

Read time : 3 Mins

EP 11 : Default vs Autofac Dependency Injection Container in .NET Core 6.0

Dependency injection involves providing a class with its required dependencies from an external source rather than having the class create them itself. This helps to decouple the object creation process from the caller, leading to a more modular and flexible system.

Read time : 3 Mins

EP 10 : Action Filters in .NET Cor

Filters gives us the facility to run a piece of code before or after any stage in request processing pipeline. You are already familiar with filters , let me remind you , you would have used authorization (attribute Authorized) it basically applies filter on your actions and checks is it authorized or not so that is a filter.

Read time : 3 Mins

EP 9 : Play with JSON in .NET via System.Text.Json Library

We have multiple formats to represent data but JSON has got the big fan following , it is extensively used for sending-receiving data in applications. It is easy to read and flexible , but to work our application properly we need something that can convert the data into forms which are easy to understand by us and compatible with our data models. That’s where JSON handlers come.e.

Read time : 3 Mins

EP 8: Magic of HTTP Client Class in C#

HttpClient is a class in C# that is used for making HTTP calls of different kinds (most commonly Get/Put/Delete/Post) This class comes from System.Net.Http namespace

Read time : 3 Mins

EP 7 : Raw SQL Commands in EF Core

We can use EF Core methods to retrieve/update data from database. By using them we can Call Store Procedure,Write SQL Queries in LINQ,Combine SQL Query and LINQ

Read time : 5 Mins

EP 6 : Mapster in .NET Core for Mappings

While working with .NET we often need to convert the different objects (Database objects to DTO’s/Models or vice versa). That’s where mappers come in action. In the world of mapping we have multiple libraries but these two has got big following and usage. Automapper (395M Downloads) Mapster (12M Downloads)

Read time : 5 Mins

EP 5 : Single vs Split Query in Entity Framework Core

Single Queries and their Problems By default while working with LINQ queries in EF queries are treated as an single queries unless we define. Let’s try to understand it with an example.

Read time : 3 Mins

EP 4 : Default Interface Methods in C# 8.0

We have been using the interfaces for years and we know that interfaces are just contracts and class that inherits them must implement all methods of interface. Suppose this Interface is being implemented by multiple classes and now you want to add some more methods in that interface.

Read time : 5 Mins

EP 3 : Schedule Jobs with Quartz.NET

There are many ways to schedule background jobs, but two are particularly well-known. Quartz and Hangfire. I talked about Hangfire in a recent LinkedIn post. Today we are going to learn about Quartz. Quartz.NET is used for scheduling jobs with some additional features over Hangfire. CRON triggers, calendar events, and simple events are all supported.

Read time : 5 Mins

EP 2 : Tips to write better LINQ Queries

For read only queries e.g. (GetAll,GetById etc.) use AsNoTracking , when we use it entities are not tracked for change so it brings data more speedily.

Read time: 3 Mins

EP 1 : Logging in ASP .NET Core With NLog

Logging is most important part of development , for figuring out the issues we need to add logging in our application especially if issue is occurring at production. We have multiple options available for logging but two options are most popular , one of them is NLog and other one is Serilog.

Read time: 2 Mins

EP 0: How to set environment variable ?

This file is automatically created after you create project and it can be found in properties section of your project , it contains configurations to launch settings for IIS. It contains SSL port , application URL and launch URL of your project , by default launch URL used to contain weatherforecast but now you would see swagger in it.